Upgrade wordpress via command line shell

There are some reasons why we have to upgrade wordpress via command line in linux shell.

  • Upgrade in admin panel fail because of network connection happen in upgrade process
  • No FTP account to upgrade (if hosting require)
  • File permission problem
  • Security problem

It ‘s quite easy, let ‘s do these steps to upgrade wordpress in command line.

1. Login to server via SSH account

2. Download the latest version of wordpress and unzip via command line with this way



3. Then Overwrite all new files

Now login to admin panel of wordpress it will require you upgrade database, just perform the action and everything will be done.

One comment

  1. It ‘s cool. It save a lot of my time, you know I spent 2 days to try to upgrade my wordpress site but it doesn’t work since the admin panel just thrown out the error, when I see your article, it ‘s really useful to do it in command. Thanks a lot!