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Install Redis Caching to Speed Up WordPress on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, Redis will be configured as a cache for WordPress to alleviate the redundant and time-consuming database queries used to render a WordPress page. The result is a WordPress site which is much faster, uses less database resources, and provides a tunable persistent cache. Read More »

WordPress Hosting/Server System Requirements

WordPress require a very small server configuration hardware and software. In this post, I only talk about the wordpress system requirements what enough to run wordpress (not wordpress fully optimized hosting what make wordpress work fast). Read More »

Security tips for WordPress

There are a lot of risks from internet for a webmaster to maintain their website, but with wordpress it ‘s easy to do the basic security, today I will share you 3 wordpress security tips what always need for any wordpress site. Read More »

Get last character from string in PHP

Easy but not for all of us to get last character from string in PHP. It ‘s quite simple to figure out with a quick Google it. So if you found my article about this. Then you are in right place to solve this issuse with a simplest way. Read More »

Search text in nano text editor

Instead using “vi” editor in linux system, we usually use nano text editor to make everything easier. But not many people know how to search text in nano text editor. In this tutorial I will show you a very simple tips. Read More »

Top 5 wordpress SEO plugins 2015

The SEO art change all of time from day by day. In 2015, the SEO methods need to update quickly to keep the best position on Google Search Engine. In this post, we list top 5 wordpress SEO plugin what will help us update the good way to keep your SEO methods always up to date. Read More »

Round and Format number in PHP

Making Round and Format number in PHP is quite easy but it will take you much time if you are not familiar with it. But here we help you solve all of these type of issues just in 5 minutes :). Read More »

How to get Current URL in Javascript?

current URL

When develop a wordpress plugin or work in wordpress theme, I usually meet the problem with getting URL in javascript code. The problem come is I want to get current URL of current page because not all situation we can pass the current URL from PHP code. That ‘s why I decide to share this tips to you to save ... Read More »