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WordPress Plugin Development ebook for beginner is always the first ebook what any wordpress programmer need to get started. Everything you need in the first step to start with wordpress will be solved very fast and easy in this ebook. Believe me, anyone can find a very useful information from this free wordpress ebook, even though you are wordpress expert.

Wordpress Plugin Development - Beginner 's Guide - Free WordPress Ebook


Now, we share you this useful ebook with all of topic it can cover what include:

  • Chapter 1: Preparing for WordPress Development
  • Chapter 2: Social Bookmarking
  • Chapter 3: Live Blogroll
  • Chapter 4: The Wall
  • Chapter 5: Snazzy Archives
  • Chapter 6: Insights for WordPress
  • Chapter 7: Post Types
  • Chapter 8: Development Goodies

As you see, you cover almost the popular problems what a wordpress developer need to do their job. If you finish this ebook research you can get started with any wordpress plugin project and make money as you want :).

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  1. Really good sharing of free wordpress plugin development ebook, this will help me a lot in the future