Security tips for WordPress

There are a lot of risks from internet for a webmaster to maintain their website, but with wordpress it ‘s easy to do the basic security, today I will share you 3 wordpress security tips what always need for any wordpress site.



1. WordPress security with daily backup

No one can guarantee their website is secured 100% so that let ‘s prepare a backup version daily via your hosting plan. Almost hosting service provide daily backup service include files and database. Just one-click to restore if you meet any risk later on. This way will make sure you are safe 100%.

2. Internet activity security

1. Use A Secure Network At Home – If you are using Wifi at your home or office, then I would suggest setting up a private WPA2 network with a strong, randomly-generated name and network passphrase. For additional protection, you can employ “security through obscurity” methods such as enabling MAC Address Filtering.
2. Use An Encrypted VPN Connection Over Public Wifi – Generally speaking, it’s best to never log in to a sensitive area such as your WordPress Dashboard when connected to the internet over public Wifi. If you are using your laptop or phone over a public network, always run your connection through an encrypted VPN and make sure that you are signing in to your website over SSL. You can purchase a VPN from

3. Securing Your Personal Computer

If I can recommend, I recommend you use Linux or Mac to anti virus. In windows I usually meet the key logger software what can’t be detected by any anti virus software. It ‘s a lot of risk if you lose server account and email accounts.

But anyway, if you can’t use Linux or Mac I think you can a good anti virus software like Kaspersky

They are simple but strong to help you in any risk situation. Hope it help!

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