How to Sign Up API Key

Google Shorten App is very useful for any WordPress site to make short URL. If you want to send to anyone a URL, it ‘s too bad to see the URL is too long. You know, the long URL is only take their time look entire of URL and it have no meaning with them. 

I am sorry if I go too far from the main problem, our problem is we are using an plugin/extension/theme what need you provide a Google Shorten API Key or API Key, now I show you how to get it easy.

First of all, let ‘s login to your Google Account, if you don’t have one, please sign up the new one (I think it ‘s more than easy so that I will not tell you how to create Google account here).

Visit and browse to the left menu APIs & Auth => APIS

Now search and turn on URL Shortener API


Turn on shorten URL


Now browse to menu APIs & Auth => Credentials and click CREATE NEW KEY under Public API Access. In lightbox confirm choose Server key and you will see the box to enter your server IP as below:

Generate Shorten API Key

After click Create then you will see the API Key you need. It will look like this

Shorten API Key


Try to call API in PHP

Here is simple function in PHP to convert a long URL to shorten URL

btw, I am very happy to receive reviews from many users about api and welcome any comments.

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  1. You save me a lot of time, I am not sure why google make thing difficult like that. It should be easier. Thanks guy for a great tip about API Key

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