About WP2X

WP2X is a WordPress development team with focus 100% to wordpress performance. We keep research and research to figure out all of ways to make the wordpress site faster and faster.


WP2X ‘s Vision

WP2X is established to make the wordpress site faster. We wish to have the fastest wordpress site what can serve a million of people with low/cheap server requirements. Since a lot of people on the world are using wordpress and face to the traffic problem, we hope our research we will help them save time, money and still keep their wordpress site even faster.

WP2X Research Fields

As the first introduction, WP2X Team focus 100% to WordPress performance what will increase the load speed of wordpress site. Base on it, we focus to research these fields:

  • Server set up for wordpress: research and figure out the best server set up with the combination of webserver, Database engine, PHP, Opcode Cache,  Dynamic Caching Solution, Proxy Caching Solution …. for wordpress.
  • MySQL engine optimization: Standard MySQL and Tweak, Percona MySQL, MariaDB
  • PHP configuration tweak
  • Webserver (Apache, Nginx) configuration tweak
  • Operating System (CentOS, Ubuntu) research tweak with network, firewall and security
  • WordPress plugins what provide caching and optimization solution

WP2X Services

  • WordPress Server Set Up & Management
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Customization

WP2X Social Profiles