WordPress 20x faster with Turbo Cache on SwiftServer

First of all, 20x faster for wordpress load is real, if you read this post and follow all of steps for basic wordpress installation and wordpress default theme. We are sure you can reach to 20x speed. But belong to your custom theme and plugin can decrease the speed. But for sure you can see the speed faster a lot with Turbo Cache.turbo-hosting

1. What if your site have 1-second page load delay

Let’s check what you have to face to if you have 1-second page load delay. According to an Aberdeen Group study 1-second delay can cause a:

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views
  • Potential drop in search engine rankings

You can think about a dream situation where your site can speed up 20x then how much money can make from your site? That ‘s the main reason why we share you this post.

2. What is Turbo Cache on SwiftServer Platform

Turbo Cache or Turbo Server on SwiftServer Platform is a collection of softwares and tools what are designed to make the best page load and server performance by A2 Hosting. It include:

  • Memcached
  • APC/OPCache
  • Varnish Cache
  • Pre-configuration for best combination for WordPress and server by A2 Optimization

You just need to install wordpress then visit Control panel of A2 Hosting, click icon “A2 Optimized” you will see a very easy to use user interface like this


3. Where and How to use Turbo Cache?

It ‘s quite simple to have Turbo Cache to make your wordpress site 20x faster. Just need to visit A2 Hosting and buy the Turbo Cache package then everything will be ready for you in affordable price.


And what if you choose Turbo Cache package from A2 Hosting? You can get these things

  • Fewer users per server
  • SwiftCache – Powered By APC/OPcache & Turbo Cache
  • Hosted on SwiftServer SSDs
  • Uses less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Handles connections faster and more efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability

Don’t forget to use coupon 51FAST to save 51% for first order. Good luck with your new crazy fast wordpress site with 20x faster.


  1. Wow, it ‘s so nice to take this deal. It bring me a cool performance for my wordpress. Thanks a lot, guys. You did a great job to figure out this provider.

  2. Not sure how I can check the speed faster 20x but at least 5x faster now from my old hosting to your new suggestion with configuration. That ‘s more than I expect. So cool man.

  3. Wow, it ‘s really faster a lot

  4. Turbo cache is my most favorite tool in hosting panel. It ‘s so cool and easy to use. Thansk ad