Full width 100% for youtube video iframe

Today I will share you the issue what take me entire of day to solve about Full width 100% for youtube video iframe. Hope it will save your time. If you meet this issue, I believe it just take you 5 minutes to finish the task.



There are 2 ways to solve this issue

1. Javascript to make Full width 100% iframe/embed

Simple add this jQuery code

Now, reload the page and see the magic.

2. CSS to make Full width 100% iframe/embed

Much more simple, you can apply this css tips and the result will be the same.

Remember add class videoWrapper out of your video then the video inside this class will be display 100%.

Now, enjoy the result and welcome any comment.


  1. Work nice! You save me a lot of time with your tips. It even work smooth on mobile web too. Great!

  2. Not work here in chrome at least. Not sure what wrong. I sent you in contact page, please help me. Thanks