Fast WordPress Hosting by Hostoople – Interview Nick

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the world with a big community and a big users. As you see, we have a lot of services around wordpress what help us have the best wordpress site. One of the most important service is wordpress hosting. Today, I have chance to talk with Nick from Hostoople who will show us how they manage to provide a Fast WordPress Hosting with a lot of good extra features.

Before doing the interview, let ‘s look at Hostoople hosting plans



What I can say that it ‘s perfect for any website with these plans since we can keep our websites in a high quality hosting but very good price.

Now, let ‘s talk with Nick from Hostoople to figure out what they have done to build the magic.


Q: Hi Nick, before we get started can you tell us a little about your company and experience with wordpress hosting? Hello, Thank you for the interview .

A: I have been in the hosting space for over 14 years. I have been dealing with WP from the time it came to the market. It is one of the greatest tools for anyone to use as there website platform.

Q: What your company vision and how your company keep it?

A: We envision to be a fast growing company offering a lot of extra add’s for free to our customers for a low rate. We enviosn by getting to the top by offering 24/7 support and true hands on customer relations.

Q: If you choose one feature what people should choose you as their magento hosting provider then what is it?

A: We support every CMS because the top CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more to be named of course are what we specialize in.

Q: How many years Hostoople has been around? And how change year by year?

A: We have been around 2 years now and we are seeing growth from word of mouth referrals . If your customers are happy they will tell everyone.

Q: Who is your customer base? Are they happy so far?

A: We host everything from personal to major businesses. We will host anyone , we believe we are the best.

Q: If you choose one feature what your customer usually complain, what is it? Did you fix it?

A: At first people couldnt understand why our pricing was cheaper then most hosts. We buy our servers in bulk, and also our racks upfront in long term leases, we pass the savings onto you. We cant fix something thats working for everyone 🙂

Thank you Nick! We always love to have a hosting package from you. Wish a new year 2015 will be a nice year for you with a high quality wordpress hosting.

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  1. Any site demo? It ‘s good price I think so but I want to check the performance to make sure it work well before trying. Thanks