PDF Viewer WordPress plugin

Today I will show you a very good PDF Viewer WordPress plugin what solve almost our need about PDF viewer. At least, it ‘s nice enough to show PDF file to our customers.

It ‘s PDF.js Viewer Shortcode: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pdfjs-viewer-shortcode/


It ‘s quite easy to use, just need to enter this shortcode

[pdfjs-viewer url=http://www.website.com/test.pdf viewer_width=600px viewer_height=700px fullscreen=true download=true print=true openfile=false]


  • url (required): direct url to pdf file
  • viewer_width (optional): width of the viewer (default: 100%)
  • viewer_height (optional): height of the viewer (default: 1360px)
  • fullscreen (optional): true/false, displays fullscreen link above viewer (default: true)
  • download (optional): true/false, enables or disables download button (default: true)
  • print (optional): true/false, enables or disables print button (default: true)
  • openfile (optional): true/false, enables or disables open file button (default: false)


  1. It ‘s really helpful. Nice to know a great wordpress plugin to show PDF file online

  2. Your plugin work for me, but it seem it doesn’t load fast enough. Do you meet the speed problem like me when you use this PDF viewer plugin?