Get started with WordPress quickly?

To get started with WordPress, you don’t need too much work and computer experience, it ‘s quite easy for beginner and it just take you 10 minutes to have a WordPress site ready to go.

In this blog post, I will share you the flow with step by step to set up a WordPress site in easiest ways. In additional,  you will have idea about where to find themes and plugins for your site. Now let ‘s get started with WordPress!!!

1. Get started with WordPress: are you a Developer or a Webmaster?

If you are a PHP developer then you have the skills what ‘s more than enough to do these steps, so that you only need to know what steps needed and where is the URLs you need to bookmarks for later usage to save your time.

NOTICE: If you are a VERY BUSY business man and you want to have the wordpress right away with everything ready to save your time then the perfect choice for you is Managed WordPress Hosting Service. It will include hosting, theme, plugin and maintenance service in one package and get your business online right away. In this case we highly recommend you try

If you are a Webmaster/Newbie who are not familiar with server, programming, PHP … you only use Graphic User Interface with click, drag and drop then it would be nice for you to read more careful my post. So let ‘s go!

2. Install & Get WordPress ready quickly

There are 3 options what people usually go with it when they use wordpress:

2.1 Use Free service from

This solution is used for people who just want to look at the WordPress Admin UI and try to figure out that WordPress match with their need or not. So let me show you, It will not take you more than 5 minutes to sign up and set up at a brand new wordpress site. After having account on, you just need to click “My Blogs” and then “Create Another Blog”, everything should be easy for you from now or if you can’t manage to do it, please leave us a comment, we will help you as soon as possible.

create blog on

This is a fastest way to get a wordpress site up and run but you will be limited in the WordPress Cloud Hosting with theme, plugin, disk space, bandwidth…. you can’t install your custom plugin, theme or customize the source code. So this is only for beginner who want to see the UI and make a simple blog.

2.2 Self-Host WordPress Site

The Self-Host WordPress Site is the way to host your wordpress site on your own hosting to customize whatever we need. This is advance solution for people who can work with FTP, cPanel, PHP programming, Database management …. at least you know what is it. If you are on way to find a developer or you are a developer and you want to get started with wordpress and develop it, this is the best choice for you.

You still have way to get WordPress ready very fast with Self-Host WordPress by choosing the WordPress Hosting company who support one-click install WordPress. As our team experience you can go with SiteGround WordPress Hosting package ( $3.95/month) or A2 Hosting WordPress package ( $4.97/month), they are both high quality WordPress Hosting with one-click wordpress installation and very quick ticket/phone support. Let ‘s buy one of those hosting packages and login to their cPanel to set up WordPress.

Here is the instruction if you buy SiteGround WordPress Hosting package:

Login to cPanel and click the WordPress icon

wordpress install-one-click

Click “Install” to start install wordpress

install wordpress

Then enter your blog information you need and “Install”, you will have a wordpress site ready to play around in 1 minute 🙂

2.3 Managed WordPress Hosting Services

If you don’t have much time, you don’t want to spend time for development, you don’t want to hire a developer, you want to have a WordPress right away with everything to publish a fast, professional look and feel then you need to go with Managed WordPress Hosting Service. It will cover everything for you to get your wordpress site up and running include hosting, domain, development and maintenance. You don’t have to do anything, you are free to focus to the main content, the main business.

So if you choose a Managed WordPress Hosting, I am pretty sure that no one better than, they are very professional in this industry with high trust server and wordpress expert.

3. Create the first post

Let ‘s enjoy your first wordpress site with the first post. To start the first post, you need to login to admin panel of wordpress -> in left menu click Posts => Add New

new post

Enter the title and body then click “Publish” to have your first post online.

4. Search and install WordPress Theme

Let ‘s try to install a new theme in theme collection online to see what style you can use. Now click menu Appearance => Themes


Then you click “Add New” to search theme you need or upload the theme from your computer (I will talk about wordpress themes installation more in another post).

After choosing your theme, let ‘s activate it and look at front end to see the new change.

To have more information about free wordpress theme, let ‘s visit here, I believe you can find the very good wordpress theme match with your need from it for free. Just like me :-). Make sure you search the free wordpress theme before wasting your money to any wordpress theme development.

5. Search and install WordPress plugin

 Just like install new theme, you can install plugin for wordpress is quite easy. Visit menu Plugins => Add New


Now let ‘s search or upload your plugin to install and activate it. To have more information about all of plugins ready on WordPress community you can find it here My experience is you should search before doing any coding about wordpress function because almost functions are implemented ready for free from community.

Until this step you already control the important part of worpdress and easy to get started with other steps.

Good luck and welcome any comment!!!



  1. If I put the first step to WordPress but I want to focus to business then I of course go with Managed WordPress Hosting service. But do you have any other choice or is the best one?

    • I think WordPress developer is not too expensive so that you can try to host with Self-host solution if you have time. It will be better for long terms since you can control everything of your resource.