Wordpress Tips

Round and Format number in PHP

Making Round and Format number in PHP is quite easy but it will take you much time if you are not familiar with it. But here we help you solve all of these type of issues just in 5 minutes :). Read More »

How to get Current URL in Javascript?

current URL

When develop a wordpress plugin or work in wordpress theme, I usually meet the problem with getting URL in javascript code. The problem come is I want to get current URL of current page because not all situation we can pass the current URL from PHP code. That ‘s why I decide to share this tips to you to save ... Read More »

How to Sign Up Goo.gl API Key

Turn on shorten URL

Google Shorten App is very useful for any WordPress site to make short URL. If you want to send to anyone a URL, it ‘s too bad to see the URL is too long. You know, the long URL is only take their time look entire of URL and it have no meaning with them.  Read More »

Optimize WordPress Browser Cache by .htaccess

To Optimize WordPress Browser Cache by .htaccess we only need some minutes to do. It will help us very much in wordpress speed and save a lot of server resource. Think about just one logo image file what visitor will load it 10 times in 10 pageviews but now it only load from server one time because of the .htaccess optimization. ... Read More »